Vallée d’Ourika



Throughout the route, we discover Berber villages in the mountains melted. One can take the opportunity to sample the tasty tagines are cooked on charcoal for hours. Also, you can attend one of the economic activities of the region: the souk. Every Monday, the farmers of the region come together for you in one hand Souk sell their crops and secondly, to stock all that is needed for the week and learn about the latest news from the region.book >

The Ouzoud


Ouzoud waterfalls are among the most beautiful site of the Middle Atlas. This site is located about 200 km from Marrakech, northeast of the city. You discover the splendid waterfalls of about 110 m in height and a wonderful landscape populated by birds and monkeys. Negotiate the services of a local guide for foot tours or hiking at an altitude of about 1068 m. If you are in the city Azilal, enjoy your stay and visit at the same time the Ouzoud because they are located 38 km from the city. book >



Located 170 km from the city of Marrakech. Morocco’s port city on the Atlantic coast. Old Portuguese city in the XVI century, known as Mogador. It still bears traces of the Portuguese occupation: the guns pointed toward the ocean, houses and walls. Essaouira is best known by the Gnaoua music festival, painters and marquetry. One of the main economic activities of the city, is fishing. But it also known for his sculptures in wood, silver and bronze. Once in Essaouira, taste the famous fish tagine Souiri argan oil. book >


This is a city from the bowels of the earth in the desert in the south of the Kingdom, with a variety of an extraordinary scenery. The burning sand, snowy peaks of, verdant palm groves and oases, haughty ksours, fortified villages and sumptuous kasbah, it is quite the idyllic charm of a city of another millennium. Ouarzazate, a city of convergence of cultures and crafts, marks the starting point of the road oases. Two magnificent kasbahs catch the traveler, dazzled by so much beauty: the Taourirt and that of Ait Ben Haddou, located 30 Km from the city. book >


Capital of the south and the first fishing port of Morocco, Agadir owes its current fame to its extraordinary range of over 6 km of fine golden sand, and its 300 days of sunshine a year. Its ultra-modern international airport makes it an accessible site from around the world.

Rebuilt away from areas at risk, with seismic processes, Agadir is a cozy white town, restful flowery gardens, which rise sculptural and monumental buildings such as the Casbah still reflects the glorious past of the city. book >


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